Restoration – Walk In The Light Vol. 1 (eBook)


This book details how man-made religious systems have developed doctrines and traditions which are in direct opposition with the true faith and explains what must be done to be restored to that truth.

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  • Is Modern Christianity the same faith expressed, lived and taught by the Messiah?
  • Is Modern Rabbinic Judaism the same faith as Israel described in the Bible?
  • Has God replaced Israel with the Church?

Todd D. Bennett explores the history of religion and the essence of the faith which is described and taught in the Bible. The reader will plainly see the plan of the Creator as outlined in the Scriptures and will receive answers to questions which have divided the two major religious systems that claim to worship the same God while on two distinctly different paths. Listen to an audio portion of the book here.

In an effort to insure that all are able to receive the truth being transmitted through the Walk in the Light series we are making the ebook version of Restoration available for free to those who cannot afford to purchase it.


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