The Christian Conundrum (eBook)


This book takes on widely held religious traditions and examines them in light of the Scriptures. It exposes the conflict that has developed between certain traditions and the truth. Prepare for a frank and eye-opening discussion on this most important issue which will strengthen your faith and help you to resolve the Christian Conundrum.



Most Christians will likely be shocked to discover that the religion they ascribe to is not the same faith lived and taught by the Messiah.  The passage of centuries and millennia of time has resulted in many traditions that have redefined the religion and have obscured the Scriptural truths that are at the heart of the Christian faith.  This has resulted in a conundrum as many people think that they are following the teachings of the Messiah but they actually are not.

The problem stems from the fact that most people are raised with certain inherited beliefs and rarely do they take the time to investigate their authenticity.  Every person should make the effort to assess the substance and origins of their traditions and beliefs.


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